The Neubad

neubad-portfolio-template-1024x576The Neubad in Lucerne is a community built co-working space for local entrepreneurs. Set in an old swimming pool building, the Neubad project needed initial funding to establish the project and initiated a crowdfunding campaign. To lend support idezo worked with the organizers to produce a short film highlighting statements from the Neubad community on why the project was important to them.

or most, the city of Lucerne beckons images of the famous covered bridge (Kapellbrücke), the historic old town, and the tragic lion sculpture (Löwendenkmal). The picturesque town can be misleading to unsuspecting eyes in that it appears so postcard perfect that one forgets that actual people reside there, and that its citizens are the lifeblood of this pulsating and creative city. So when the city closed the Hallenbad Biregg (indoor swimming pool), it had a choice to make: tear down the giant construction and sell the property to the highest bidder for redevelopment, or do something innovative.Thankfully, the city’s politicians and policy makers understand the value of new ideas and started a competition for the best new use of the building and/or land. One of the entries was the Netzwerk Neubad, which sees the complex as a hub for the entire community where the arts, science and entrepreneurship are creatively mixed together. The judges had the foresight to unleashing the potential of giving the space to the youth. So by awarding the rights to the pool to Netzwerk, they have given a breath of fresh air to the old swimming facility. Project Neubad will feature workshops for artists, presentation space in the old swimming pool, a restaurant serving food made of local ingredients and hot-desking space for young business folks.