SwissBau is largest event in Switzerland highlighting building materials and trends, held in the Basel Messe (of Art Basel fame) the event brings together people with the latest in building technologies. We worked together with Vision360 and Stratac AG to produce a 360 / VR short film for the Swiss Metallbau Union, a key trade group in supporting the use of steel as a building material in Switzerland.


For this project we utilized 360 imaging combined with VR animations to give viewers a feeling of the potential for steel as a building material in past and future constructions. We were able to film inside the BernMobile Tramdepot, a beautifully constructed building with an expansive interior of steel trusses and columns. We worked together with Vision360, a leader in Switzerland for 360 imaging to film inside the Tramdepot and at the Bern Bahnhof. Animations were built with various tools including Adobe After Effects, Red Giant Trapcode, Element 3D and Mettle Skybox Studio.

Our goal for the project was to give viewers a sense for how steel structures integrate into their lives, and form a part of the fabric of society. We also wanted to highlight the feeling of creation, of building from an initial ideal to the final structure, and imagine what could come in the future for society.

Swissbau2016_ATR_10_074_crDuring the SwissBau 2016 event 360 images were produced for IrisWirz C&P Communications and also custom Google Cardboard viewers were delivered to participants to view the Metallbau hat Zukunft 360 video. Alongside the event the website was launched as a landing page for visitors to understand how to load 360 videos on iOS and Android devices, using the YouTube or Vrideo mobile apps.