Visible Funds Workshop FlowVisible Funds is a Swiss-based startup focused on developing an online platform for helping people plan for their retirement. As part of their product development phase, we assisted in setting up and running a user-centered product development workshop. This included user interviews for discovery to learn about how potential users viewed their financial future and their current savings habits.
Participants were then presented with an interactive prototype of the platform and guided through the basic process of how the product could work. While walking through the prototype with participants we discussed one-on-one with them to get honest feedback on how comfortable they were with the user interface and how they understood the way information was presented. This allowed use to empathize with the participants and their relationship to savings and retirement, as well as insight into the value of the platform from a usability view-point.
After the workshop the interview answers and observations from the interactive prototype testing was organized and interpreted to improve the product design. User-feedback for each part of the user interface was used to suggest modifications and product improvements. As a one day workshop we were able to address the stages of discovery and empathy together with prototype testing to further product development of the VisibleFunds platform.