Blinder findet Optiker is a short video project that idezo produced for Beacon Zone and #WiedikonValley, focused on the concept of blind and seeing-impaired customers in Switzerland. With 320,000 blind and seeing-impaired people in Switzerland, how can SmartPhone technologies help businesses connect to these potential customers? The project initiation was lead by #WiedikonValley in partnership with and the Swiss Associatedion of Blind and Seeing-imapaired people (SBV).

Blinder findet Optiker focus on the story of a blind person negotiating the streets near Goldbrunner Platz in Zurich, and how beacon technologies installed in local businesses by Beacon Zone can address some of the challenges that blind and seeing-imapaired people face in Switzerland. In this case, a blind person walks by an optician office, and the Beacon Zone app notifies him of a sale for eyeglasses, which he passes on to a friend.