We built idezo around the concept of an innovation lab, where we combine learning, services, technologies and product creation in an agile company construct. We were very happy that our latest spin-off product, AuxD, was selected as a finalist in the IoT/M2M Innovation World Cup competition, with the ceremony being held at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

AuxD is an out of home audience analytics system based around an IoT face detection and emotion recognition camera system combined with an analytics solution. The project combines three of the key technology drivers we focused on in 2016: IoT hardware design, machine vision, and machine learning analytics. AuxD was designed as a low-power device enabling audience analytics based around emotion and demographics recognition of people moving through an urban environment.

We built AuxD as an internal project from concept to prototype. This included business modeling, hardware design and prototyping, machine vision analysis with OpenCV, and additionally UX design and implementation of an intuitive analytics platform. As a low-power distributed IoT camera system, we also needed to address design of a Lora network and the associated management of the IoT data stream before injection in the machine learning pipeline for analytics that bring together emotion and location data to interpret the value of locations based on the emotional response of an urban population.