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Modern interdisciplinary projects need flexible teams to build unique solutions. When we bring clarity to software projects or design interactive experiences, we draw upon unique skill sets and working methods to solve problems for our clients.

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Armed with a background in art and science, Mark blends artistic creativity and scientific methodology to create tailored solutions for our clients. His PhD in Mechanical Engineering from ETH Zurich fuels his tenacity to learn and to apply new technologies. Involved in numerous – and very diverse -projects, Mark raises the bar when it comes to in creating truly innovative content and solutions.

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Gunilla’s discerning eye for detail and uncompromising commitment to quality ensure that our projects dazzle and have élan. Years of writing and translating both literature and marketing copy have given Gunilla a broad spectrum of genre experiences. And her a passion for language and everything that inspires humans to live and work creatively provides that extra dimension to engage audiences.

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Agustin’s cool head hones the business, keeps the dynamic sharp, and brings about fruitful communication. Well-versed in nurturing companies, Agustin bridges the creative and technical aspects of projects and is in the know when it comes to planning them. With a strong background in IT, Agustin in fueled by his fascination with computer-human interaction, accessibility, and usability.

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We draw upon a variety of talents from information architecture design, storyboarding, video production, website design, and product design consulting to interaction design, branding, language, and communications. This allows us to offer tailored solutions instead of only proposing service packages to clients.

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Our client projects always start with a conversation. Once we understand your needs we can design a solution package with the right mix of technological approach and human-centered design.
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