Immersive Media – Virtual / Augmented Reality Design and Production

Concept / Storyboard

We start off projects with concept maps and storyboards. This allows us to understand your creative vision and plan out immersive project with the direction in place from the start, from a simple 360 video to an immersive AR or VR app.

360 / VR Content

Immersive content comes in many forms (and is still expanding), including live 360 video, 3D animation design, volumetric video (holograms), spatial audio, AR environment interaction, 3D depth camera capture, projection mapping, and many others.

VR / AR App Dev

Immersive media can offer a richer experience when packaged into an app form rather than only produced as a 360 video. We focus on development with Unity3D and deployment on various mobile systems.

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The Synchrocyclotron at CERN

Volumetric Video / Holograph