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Combining principles of interaction design and engineering with story and technology for unique client solutions

IoT – Hardware Development

Hardware is hard. Current trends in low-power communications and powerful processors are opening up countless opportunities for hardware development. We focus on modeling the user experience and product architecture of hardware devices, as well as prototyping solutions before moving to serial manufacturing.

Machine Learning / AI

Machine learning, big data, and artificial intelligence are becoming intertwined in many products from automobiles to web apps. We provide consulting on business model development and data science pipeline implementatino with big data and algorithm applications as well as designing products which leverage machine learning approaches.

Virtual / Augmented Reality

VR and AR development can take many forms, from monosomic 360 video to mixed reality holograph or 3D scan capture, to application development. Additionally 3D animation and generative design are important aspects of building engaging immersive experiences.


As part of our innovation lab design, we experiment with and master new technologies, which we then offer as services and consulting to clients, with our competencies based on the latest technology trends.


We look at the latest technologies from a product viewpoint. We often develop prdouct architecure road-maps and business model sketches to contexualize the integration of new technolgies in society.


When we identity the potential for an experiment to become self-sustaining entity we incubate product development internally and consider creating new spin-offs so they can be scaled as new companies.

Swiss Metallbau VR Production

SwissBau is largest event in Switzerland highlighting building materials and trends, held in the Basel Messe (of Art Basel fame) the event brings together people with the latest in building technologies. We worked together with Vision360 and Stratac AG to produce a...

Blinder findet Optiker Video Project

Blinder findet Optiker is a short video project that idezo produced for Beacon Zone and #WiedikonValley, focused on the concept of blind and seeing-impaired customers in Switzerland. With 320,000 blind and seeing-impaired people in Switzerland, how can SmartPhone...

DepthKit with Microsoft Kinect + Sony A7s

The growth of augmented and virtual reality technologies together with 3D imaging technologies is opening up many avenues for filmmakers and media artists to tell stories and build experiences. Depth cameras in particular offer the ability to easily capture the 3D...


Continuous learning and education are key to building relevant products and services, we actively participate in and contribute to conferences and hackathons to learn, spread knowledge, and develop partnerships.


We actively engage in hackathons as mentors and participants. We love to teach and to learn from others in the hackathon format.


We give presentations and workshops at various conferences, including focused in design, 360/VR, IoT, wearable sensors, and storytelling.

Community Events

We both organize and support community events including Ignite Zurich and Startup Grind Zurich.